Why You Need Red Meat

Covered in this article

  • If you’re not eating red meat you’re missing out
  • Red meat is a good source of arachidonic acid – a highly anabolic fat source
  • Red meat has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces the strain on your immune system
  • Red meat contains high levels of l-carnitine, an amino acid which uses fat for energy



We all know that the biggest of the biggest bodybuilders eat lots of red meat. I myself eat roughly 4kgs of red meat every week… and that’s just when I’m cutting. Red meat is essential for a number of muscle building and health reasons. In this article I’m going to explain why you need red meat for its arachidonic acid, its anti-inflammatory properties, and the L-carnitine it contains.

1. Arachidonic acid

Red meat is really high in a fat called ‘Arachidonic acid’. Arachidonic acid is a really important fat which is often present in high amounts in the cell membranes (the barrier surrounding your cells) of your brain, muscles, and liver. Furthermore this fat has been shown to improve intelligence in young children (yes mum, make your kid eat more red meat too!!), reduce the prevalence of bipolar depression and Alzheimer’s disease, AND it helps you GAIN MORE MUSCLE and GAIN MORE STRENGTH. So if you want to be smarter, be less likely to have a mental illness, and make more gains, then start getting more arachidonic acid from red meat!

2. Anti-inflammatory properties

Inflammation is the body’s way of healing itself. Basically what happens is when you get injured, a whole heap of repair molecules gather around the site of injury and signal for more repair molecules to come. In small doses this is a good thing. In large doses, this is very bad. Our modern lifestyle of stress, toxins, and bad food leads to higher than normal levels of inflammation. However, by eating the right foods we can actually decrease the damage we are doing to our body and thus reduce the inflammation! Red meat is a highly anti-inflammatory source of food and is the perfect way to get your body back in check.

3. L-carnitine

L-carnitine is the body’s fat transporter. It shuttles fat from fat cells to the mitochondria (the place where our body makes energy) and allows fat to be used for fuel. In low meat diets, our body runs low on carnitine and is less able to use our fat stores, resulting in weight loss from muscle or glycogen. By eating more red meat you will lose more fat and retain more muscle as your L-carnitine stores will be full, thus allowing fat to be used as fuel! This is a crucial part of all of my clients’ programs, as I use high levels of red meat and L-carnitine to improve nutrient partitioning.


So, how much red meat should I eat?

Well that depends on how badly you want to prevent mental illness, gain muscle, be smarter, lose fat, and be healthier 😉 I recommend at least 80g of protein from red meat per day for men (more if you’re a big guy) and roughly 40g of protein from red meat per day for women.

I hope this helps you guys to live a bigger, leaner, healthier life!

– James

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