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TDD 13: Become Anxiety-Free When You Try This

I’ve gone above and beyond to find the best way to manage this debilitating condition that has haunted me for years.

And I’ve found it.

The Holy Grail of anxiety.

But it doesn’t require trekking for days to find a shaman in the remote mountains of Sri Lanka

In fact, it doesn’t require much.

And it works wonders on the sleep issues and calms your nerves and your thoughts.

JCF_YT Thumbnail Daily Dose 11

TDD 11: What You Need to Know About Reward Delay

I lived by an expression called reward delay.

It’s about restraining ourselves from temptations of immediate gratification in order to achieve our goals

Because we tend to become impatient for results, and make the mistake of going for quick fixes or work on our goals for a short amount of time

JCF_YT Thumbnail Daily Dose 10

TDD 10: Do You have A Coffee Addiction?

I love the smell of coffee,

Everytime I walk past one I can’t help but take a good whiff of it.

I used to not be able to walk past the smell without caving in… I was hooked

But I was getting these jitters, the caffeine would poke my anxiety with a stick,

And my attention would be all over the place.

That’s when I decided to quit my coffee habit for good.


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