I get a kick out of creating high performance individuals out regular people. It’s what I was born to do. I want people who come to me to excel in every part of their lives. Whether that’s health, fitness, self, family, business, and relationships. This podcast aims to get everyone reach their summit through high performance conversations.

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The Daily Dose 06: Do You Want More Respect?

When it comes to your testosterone levels– normal won’t cut it.

You could have “good” results from your blood test but still have stubborn body fat, zero energy, low on confidence.

And zero appetite for anything that makes men feel like men.


Episode 06: High Performance Conversations with Adam Nash

Adam Nash nearly destroyed his marriage and his life because of painkillers.

He was in chronic pain. Doctors did everything, but nothing worked.

That’s when opiates came in. Adam was taking Endone and oxycodone to take the pain away.

But he kept needing, wanting more and more. Sh*t hit the fan.


Episode 05: High Performance Conversations with Matt Boon

Matt Boon is one of the highest performing blokes I’ve met.

He served overseas as a tactical assault group sniper in the Australian Special Forces.

Since returning he has now built two of the fastest growing companies in the world – Sales Sniper and Seventh Level.

They’re on track to do +$20M in revenue this year… and their company is just 18 months old.


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