Live Leaner, Live Better


I tell all of my clients that in order to live a happier life you should live a leaner life. Living with low body fat levels is healthy and very advantageous to whole body function; lesser body fat levels allow higher testosterone in males, reduced inflammation throughout the body and allow reduced toxin accumulation. However, the interesting thing about all this is that very few people know how to live lean. This article will outline and discuss how your protein intake, caloric intake, and exercise can enable you to live leaner.


Protein Intake

Individuals who consume higher levels of protein are more likely to be lean. So why is this? First of call, consuming protein increases a ‘pseudo-hormone’ called GLP-1. This peptide decreases hunger, increases energy expenditure and makes you feel more satisfied!

Secondly, we have an inherent need to consume a certain amount of protein. If we don’t receive at least 15% of our caloric intake we keep feeling hungry until we have reached this threshold – meaning you crave foods such as fats and carbs even when your energy stores are full. Thus, more hunger = more calories = more fat gain.

Thirdly, a higher protein intake allows greater muscle mass to be held. Muscle is the most ‘metabolically expensive’ tissue in the body – meaning it takes a lot of energy to run. This means that when you eat more calories your body will use them to fuel you muscle rather than store in fat.


Caloric intake

Consuming too many calories will cause you to gain weight. This is simple thermodynamics. If your body can’t expend the energy through metabolism (building, recycling, and breaking down internal products) then it will store this energy in your fat. To live a leaner life don’t go overboard on calories and make sure you use protein to make you feel full as mentioned above!



Exercise is so so so so so important to live a lean and healthy life. Exercise improves insulin sensitivity (meaning you are less likely to store fat), elevates your metabolic rate, and burns calories! If that isn’t enough, exercise also increases the release of Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor which a) increases metabolic rate and b) prevents mental disease such as Alzheimer’s! How good is that?! To get the benefits of exercise aim for around an hour per day split between weights and cardio with some of this being done outdoors.



Living a leaner life will make you feel happy, healthy, and on top of the world! To live leaner you need to control your protein intake, caloric intake, and exercise.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this article as much as I did writing it!

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