How to Stay Motivated


How many times have you heard of someone who has just begun their training journey, yet falters within the first few weeks? How many times have you seen a bodybuilder achieve a lot in a short space of time, then end up binging on junk food because they can’t sustain their lifestyle?
The answer to both of these is often.

Staying motivated to train and diet can be challenging! There are many temptations along the road to success. Luckily, however, there are many ways to keep your motivation levels high. In this article I’m going to discuss how you can stay motivated by giving you guys my techniques and the techniques I’ve applied to my clients and members!

1. Goal setting

Setting goals is the easiest way to keep your motivation levels high – if you do it correctly! Correct goal setting involves making an array of short, medium and long term goals. It is important to set goals for all three of these time frames as it allows for achievement, structure, and longevity. Short term goals (achievable within 1-4 weeks) keep motivation high by allowing regular achievement. Examples of short term goals are hitting a PB or performing a certain number of sessions in a week. Medium term goals make structure essential and prevent you from falling away from your plan after you have reached several short term goals. These goals are achievable within 3-6 months and are larger, more difficult goals such as 1-2 kg weight gain. Long term goals give large amounts of motivation, but are harder to achieve. These goals are only meant to be achieved after years of work. Examples include winning a bodybuilding competition, being 5% bodyfat for an extended period of time, or putting on 5kgs of muscle.

2. Measurement and Reflection

It is highly important to measure your progress and reflect upon where you started. Often while you are making progress and you lose track of where you have come from. By taking measurements and reflecting upon your improvements you will realise how much work you have put in and how much you have achieved. This will result in your motivation sky rocketing and will help you to push on.

3. Positivity

Negativity sucks. It will derail your progress, make you perceive your achievements as lesser, and drastically decrease your motivation. By being positive, on the other hand, you will be much better off. You will train better, perform better, and feel better! The reason for this can be explained by simple biochemistry.

Dopamine is the main neurochemical which is essential for motivation. When you are positive and are happy with yourself, you will produce more dopamine. This reinforces your behaviour and makes you want to improve on your achievements! If you are negative, on the other hand, you will produce less dopamine. This will drastically reduce your dopamine production and hinder motivation.


While staying motivated can be hard at times, you can make it easier by following the above 3 tips! To keep yourself on track set goals, reflect on your progress, and stay positive!

Yours in health,

– James

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