Ever worried about losing mass while you’re in a cut?

Yea, everyone has.

When you’re dropping fat you reduce calories, increase energy expenditure, and start feeling the burn of the deficit.

As the weeks go on your sleep suffers, digestion generally gets worse, and your performance in the gym declines.

The scales keep going down, but because you’re flat you feel like you’re dropping muscle, not fat.

It sucks – and until you do what I’m about to tell you, the chances are you’re going to experience this feeling over and over again.

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Reduce your stress. Stress is a KILLER of gains for people like you and I who aren’t genetic freaks
  2. Sleep more and sleep better. Longer, better sleep results in better likelihood of maintaining muscle mass. Plus, poor sleep massively inhibits performance in the gym, which in turn makes you more likely to lose mass.
  3. Ensure your digestion is optimal. Science hasn’t proven this one (yet), but from both being a pro bodybuilder, coaching pro bodybuilders, AND coaching a tonne of people into comps I can say that it definitely pays to have a good gut
  4. Ensure your calorie intake and expenditure is bang on. Don’t eat too much, or too little
  5. Get more sun. It improves your sleep, your recovery and your general feeling of wellbeing. 

Oh, and notice how pre workouts aren’t in those 5? Yea, it’s because they suck. Don’t bother.

These tips WILL help you. Give them a nudge.

Ps. the citations are below. And by citations I mean links, because I’ve got my degree and I really CBF citing anything EVER again 😉







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