Digestive Disorder and Gut Health Coaching

Fix your gut, fix your life

Our digestive health coaching is the leading help in the whole industry.

Hey legend,

It’s James, founder of JCF, here.

I’ve got a personal investment in the Digestive Disorder and Gut Health Coaching program. I understand why you’re on this page.

I had high grade IBS C and D for 2 years. These were the worst two years of my life.

I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t lose fat. I couldn’t gain muscle. I had constant back pain. Headaches. Nausea. Acne. Psoriasis. Terrible brain function. Low libido. The list goes on.

Doctors failed me. Specialists dismissed me.  Naturopaths eagerly clawed money from my wallet.

That’s when after spending nearly $15, 000 on allowing others to fix my gut that I took matters into my own hands. I developed the JCF digestive protocols.

After I fixed myself within 12 weeks, my team and I started implementing my own techniques on others.

And guess what?

They too started getting better.

Crohns, IBS, gastritis, GERD, recurring ulcers, bloating, distension, dysbiosis, stubborn fat loss – you name it. We’ve helped it and reversed it.

Our digestive health coaching is the leading help in the whole industry. Why am I so confident?

Just look at what Aylin and Tom had to say about us.

Get the most comprehensive digestive health coaching package available anywhere!

What’s included, you ask?


  • Initial advanced consultation questionnaire

  • Routine blood testing every 12 weeks

  • Neurotransmitter assessment every 12 weeks

  • The JCF digestion, posture and warm up protocols

  • The JCF Wholistic Guidelines (including sunlight exposure and nervous system balancing)

  • Comprehensive and customised nutrition plan (including macros, calories, nutrient timing, meal frequency and periodisation)

  • Comprehensive and customised training plan (optimised to improve lymphatic flow, recovery and gut motility)

  • Comprehensive and customised supplementation plan (what to take, when to take it and how much to take)

  • Weekly phone, skype or in person consultations

  • Weekly training form and posture analysis

  • Weekly program reviews/alterations

  • Access to all JCF team discounts on clothing, supplements, food and more (I know you need this as I bet you’ve bought your fair share of overpriced products)

  • Unlimited email contact with rapid response rates (typically 2-6 business hours)

  • The JCF signature results guarantee

I know, there’s a lot of detail in this plan.

That’s why we don’t take on everyone. You need to fit the right mentality, values, and intent for us to coach you. Maintaining a 100% success rate is integral to the JCF team and we can only help if YOU are going to work, invest, persevere and love your body. Yes, that’s right, you MUST love your body.

If you think you fit these criteria, click to speak with a digestive specialist.


*Our guarantee is we will continue to train you for free if you do not achieve the minimum expected results over a 12 week period.

The minimum expected results are; FAT LOSS 5% reduction in waist size OR 4% reduction in body mass OR total of 5% reduction in body part circumference; MUSCLE GAIN 0.0025% gain in mass, 6cm total increase in body part circumference.

In order to be eligible for the free training the client must; 1. follow the plan 2. complete check in's each week 3. be available for all phone consults our team requests 4. respond to all emails sent by our team asking for information 5. track their food and training when requested to 6. video weights and cardio sessions when requested.

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We just need to know your training and health history, so that we get an idea of what you want to accomplish, and so forth. I am 100% confident my company can transform your results and your life.

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James Cant
JCF Coaching

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