Contraction Method

By September 6, 2016Workout of the Week
Back and Chest
A1Flat BB Bench Press8-10502020
A2DB Bent Over Row8-105602020
B1300 Incline DB Bench Press8-10502020
B2Lat Pulldown8-105602020
C1Cable Fly12-153302020
C2DB Pullover12-153302020
Shoulders and Chest
A1Standing BB Shoulder Press8-10502020
A2150 Decline BB Press8-105602020
B1Standing DB Lateral Raise8-10502020
B2Flat DB Bench Press8-105602020
C1Bent Over Cable Lateral Raise12-153302020
C2Cable Chest Fly12-153302020
Quads and Biceps
A1BB Back Squat8-10502020
A2Leg Press8-105602020
B1BB Front Squat8-10502020
B2Leg Extension8-105602020
C1Prone EZ Bar Curl12-153302020
C2Standing Neutral Grip DB Curl12-153302020
Posterior Chain and Triceps
A1Clean Grip Deadlift8-10502020
A2450 Back Extension8-105602020
B1Lying Hamstring Curl Feet Dorsiflexed8-10502020
B2Lying Hamstring Curl Feet Plantarflexed8-105602020
C1Straight Bar Cable Triceps Pushdown12-153302020
C2EZ Bar Skull Crusher12-153302020
Back and Abs
A1Neutral Grip Lat Pulldown8-10502020
A2Pull Up8-105602020
B1Machine Row8-10502020
B2Prone 300 Incline DB Row8-105602020
C1Cable Ab Crunch12-153302020
C2Hanging Leg Raise12-153302020

*Prone means lying on your front

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