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Andrew Chen

"When I came to JCF 2 years ago I wanted to compete in bodybuilding, but I had no idea where to start. It’s actually a really complicated processs!

Before I started with JCF I thought I knew a fair bit about training. I was wrong! In the first 4 weeks of training with the team at JCF I learned more about bodybuilding and nutrition than what I did in the last 5 years! The training sessions are epic, their diets are the most detailed plan I have ever seen and their use of supplements is crazy. I mean, the team even helped my brain function improve for my accounting exams!

Under JCF I won my first ever bodybuilding competition, and have continued competing in (and winning) more comps. I’m now on the road to reach my pro card and (hopefully) be Australia’s best natural bodybuilder!"

Andrew Chen*
29, Sydney, Accountant/Bodybuilder

Benny Roberts

"James is not only a killer coach but he actual cares about his clients and wants them to succeed in whatever they are looking for!"

I liked how James changed things up with his training so kept it interesting and your body didn’t get used to the same thing. Next goals is to get in the top 3 in Arnold’s gold would be good lol I would definitely recommend James he’s not only a killer coach but he actual cares about his clients and wants them to succeed in whatever they are looking for!

Benny Roberts*
Dan Holmes

"I wanted to be coached by the best. James' team goes above and beyond to make sure we are looked after."

I came to James because I wanted to be coached by the best. In my time with him, he as exceeded every expectation. As well as being an IFBB Pro and great coach, James also goes above and beyond to make sure we are looked after. Believe me, as a Physique competitor this is exactly what you want for a coach

Daniel Holmes*
26, Gold Coast, PT

"James’s plan helped me lose 7kgs of fat"

This guy knows his stuff! Following James’s plan lost 7kgs of fat and won my first ever bikini competition. While losing fat was great, the fact that I didn’t have to do hours of cardio and could eat pretty much all the foods I wanted to eat was even better. James’s training and diet plans actually allow life to happen and, honestly, I am so much happier for joining his comp prep team. If you want to make a change for the better then I 110% recommend James!

Jaymie-Lee Cooper*

"I have learnt that you have to fight for what you want, nothing comes easy"

Back in 2012 at the age of 23 and at a staggering 121kg I went and got a lapband after being overweight since childhood. It has taken me years of trial and error and change to understand what I can and cannot do and listening to what my body tells me. So far I have lost a total of 53kg and a young lady that was sad, depressed and scared. I have learnt that you have to fight for what you want, nothing comes easy, if your scared that’s fine but don’t let it beat you, push for your dreams and they will come true. I have a completely new lease on life in regards to who I am, how I live, my values and what I aim to achieve! My goals for the future are to be as fit and as healthy as possible to keep up with my nieces and nephews and one day children and to be happy with my body and what I can do with it..oh and a 6 pack haha who doesn’t want that!

Kate McSharer*

*Note: Individual Results may vary

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James Cant
JCF Coaching

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